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Bath & Shower Oil - Monsoon Paradise

Bath & Shower Oil - Monsoon Paradise

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Welcome an exotic feast of citrus, amyris & lisylang heart in our sophisticated jasmine escape composed of over 15 distinct essential oils. An enchanting indulgence through subtly refined rose notes drifting toward an exquisite aromatherapeutic island dream. Be illuminated like delicate rain-washed tropical petals & brighten your day through the most luxurious of bathing rituals, containing real 24ct gold. All our 100% natural fragrances are composed of the finest pure essential oils.

Sprinkle a few drops of bath oil into a mug of hot water, and place it by your desk or bedside. The fragrant steam will envelop you in a bubble of aromatherapy bliss.

For a mini face steam & aromatherapy inhalation, lean your face above the bath oil mug for a few cherished breaths. Close your eyes, allow the fragrant steam to enter you, infusing you with the healing magic of plant essences. Feel your facial muscles relax into a smile.


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