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Maelle Skirt

Maelle Skirt

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Baby-doll trapeze skirt, in Navajo-inspired handloom weave on a beige background, with geometric motifs in shades of brick, ochre, light grey and a touch of celadon.

WILD's signature skirt with its handloom weave pays homage to Native American craftsmanship. We love this piece, which blows a wind of freedom into our wardrobe and takes us to Bryce Canyon, the endless plains of Arizona, with its geometric star motifs. It's the perfect entry-level short trapeze skirt, with a side zip fastening and two front patch pockets. Set against a beige background, we love the declination of ecru, brick, almond green, blue and celadon colors in geometric Navajo motifs. The baby-doll cut is perfect to liven up a look that's a little too conservative, or to wear as a twin-set with the matching jacket.

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