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Mish Mish

Female Necklace - Silver

Female Necklace - Silver

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Hand-cut by local Moroccan silversmiths in sterling silver. The letters of the Tifinagh alphabet spell out the Amazigh word for "Female" along a delicate sterling silver chain.  Simple claw clasp.  A tag engraved with our logo of Dihya, the Amazigh Warrior Queen and modern-day feminist icon, looking over you for protection and strength. Hand-cut by local Moroccan silversmiths and made in sterling silver.  

All Mish Mish jewellery in our collection is handmade and hand-cut, which means no two pieces will be exactly the same. This makes your piece of jewellery unique and we hope you enjoy wearing a piece of artisanal jewellery that has been carefully crafted by hand.

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